Team Building

At the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre we also encourage fun and offer alternative ways for your meeting delegates to get to know each other and relax.

We work with a couple of specialist events companies who offer an extensive range of team building experiences.  From wellness sessions to crime investigations, physically-invigorating challenges to events based on classic TV shows, we can help you identify the best fit for your event. Both our events partners Gable Events and Right Angle Events have an incredibly long repertory of indoor and outdoor team building activities from which to choose.

  1. Gable Events at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre
    Team building with Gable Events in the Conference Centre Exhibition Space
  2. The Killing team building by Right Angle Events
    Get forensic with Right Angle Events' The Killing
  3. Gable Events at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre
    Inflatable fun with Gable Events
  4. Gable Events at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre
    Evening entertainment with Gable Events
  5. Cranium team building by Right Angle Events
    Team work with Right Angle Events
  6. Gable Events at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre
    Gable Events schools games team building
  7. Outdoors team building by Right Angle Events
    Right Angle Events team building for a large group

Whole- or part-day events

We have been working with Gable Events for several years, and they have run many successful activities for clients, making the most of our beautiful outdoor spaces.  Examples of their outdoor offer include:

Right Angle Events specialise in crime experiences, allowing you to step into the shoes of crime scene investigators and detectives, and challenge your teams to use forensic skills to solve the crimes. Designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, the activities are immersive, authentic and completely engaging. Examples of these include:

  • The Killing – Working in teams you must delve into the murky world of crime and the murder of CEO Jonathan Buckley. This event was awarded Team Building Experience of the Year by  Conference & Incentive Travel Magazine. We did it ourselves for our own last team-building day, and loved it!
  • The Challenger – This is a fun, frenetic activity and gets all team members active and working as one, incorporating mental, physical, skill and creativity challenges.
Thoughtful team building

If you’d like to add an extra dimension to your team building, we recommend these two events:

  • Creative Eco Challenge – participants will gain a better understanding of how we can all help the environment in this event addressing green issues.
  • Ultimate Wellness – bring your team together in a completely different way with an event that has a strong focus on employee engagement, well-being and motivation.
1 hour experiences

If you would like to include some team building in a tight programme, that’s no problem for Right Angle Events, who offer some short intense and rewarding activities:

  • Cracked It! Escape Room – In this fast-paced prison-themed escape room-style activity, you and your team will be given 45 minutes on the clock to solve all of the puzzles and crack open the box!
  • Rookie Detective – Someone has committed a murder and it is down to your team to find out who did it. From fingerprint to FBI photofits, you need to solve the murder.
  • Board breaking – Board breaking is about planning, looking beyond and through the board and the satisfaction of achieving. Most importantly, it is a mental winning attitude.

Meeting add-ons

If you are looking for interactive evening entertainment as part of a multi-day event, you could try the following:

Private film nights

Turn our 300-seat auditorium into a private cinema for your guests: With a great sound system, HD video projection, comfy seating, and thousands of movies to choose from, the auditorium can be transformed for the evening. We’ll even open the bar and have traditional cinema snacks and ice-cream tubs on sale!

Cocktail events and spirit tasting

Photo of a Flair Cocktail making class with Ace Bar Events at the Wellcome Geonme Campus Conference CentreIf you’re after a unique drinks reception we recommend Ace Bar Events. We are excited to be able to offer two genome-inspired cocktail experiences, as well as a spirit-tasting master class for groups of 10-300 people. We have worked together to create two bespoke cocktail menus – Tree of Life (named after the beautiful decorations in our Event Space) and Science Lab – so you can treat your delegates to a more exciting drinks party.

If you’d like a combination of show and team work event, you could try their mixology and flair bar-tending event. Starting with cocktails on arrival, Ace Bar Events will show off their flair at bar-tending skills with an impressive mixology demo before handing over to your delegate teams to learn the ropes. The event will be designed to suit your group, and can comprise speed, creativity and flair rounds, and end in mix-off and prize giving!

Other ideas for evening events

With Gable Events:

  • casino nights – Full-size casino tables complimented by the expertise of professional croupiers.
  • murder mysteries – Spend the evening listening to evidence, alibis and confessions as each of you and your colleagues attempt to convince the Detective Inspector of your innocence!
  • pub games – Ideal for an informal evening following a dinner, these can be run as competitive team-based games or as a social activity.
  • Scalextric events – this may start off as a bit of fun but it will soon bring out the competitiveness as you race your colleagues to the chequered flag!
  • simulator hire – works fantastically as a fun corporate activity, evening entertainment or alongside another event

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from. We are happy to advise which are the most suitable events for our venue and to book these for you.  Please contact us.

You are also welcome to use other providers if you prefer, but need to inform our team so that the necessary health and safety and public liability checks can be done.

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