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A new service allowing us all to adapt to an extraordinary situation

  1. Wellcome to the world of virtual conferencing

We want you to be able to continue organising meetings and conferences that stimulate and encourage learning, networking and collaboration, in spite of the current challenges we all face.  To do this we have teamed up with, Venue Audio Visual, who are responsible for all the AV provision at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, as well as other prestigious venues across Cambridge.

Venue AV have developed a virtual conference and meeting portal designed specifically with our clients in mind, which allow you to move your events online and still benefit from this essential professional activity.  This portal has already been tried and tested on several wholly-virtual events, and was based on a pre-existing service that Venue AV have been using to bring in remote speakers to live, physical conferences.

Our offer

The most important and distinctive feature of our service is that all the technical aspects of getting your event online are managed by professional AV technicians, meaning your event’s presentation will be of excellent quality and managed by us. This is quite unique and takes the pressure off you, the organiser.

Outline of the technical service:
  • Creation of a secure, branded conference mini site (or portal), home to all the event information and content.
  • Liaison with your invited speakers to arrange and guide the remote recording of the talk via their computer by a technician. This includes optimising their video and audio, and the incorporation of their slides.
  • Speakers recorded presentations edited into the order of the client’s programme, with videos presented in easy-to-navigate titled sessions.
  • Each session/recording has chapter markers, allowing viewers to navigate easily to a particular speaker in a session.
  • Viewers can ask the speakers questions via a Q&A box, below the session video, which speakers can answer and moderate.
  • Poster area – uploading of high-res posters, with the option of Q&As with poster authors.

Packages from £1,800 + VAT

Download information on PDF

New features are currently being developed and likely to be available by August.  Please ask for more information.

If you would like us to help with any administrative part of your event, we are here to help.  Let’s discuss your requirements.

If you are considering holding an online event with us, please contact us: or call us on 01223 495123

We can arrange for a virtual walk around of an online conference, and arrange a video call to discuss your requirements more fully, and provide you with a quote.

We’d like to know more about your current event organisation needs

To help us make our offer as comprehensive and useful as possible as it evolves over time, we have put together a survey and we would be grateful for your input. It should only take 4 minutes, and comprises a handful of questions about your plans and the types of services that would be of most use to you.

Take survey: My meetings plans and needs

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